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About RDL
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Disposition: Mercenary Unit

Faction: Unaffiliated

First Officer: KOCMOHABT
2nd Officer: Python

Established: 1999

 HPG Node: http://rdlteam.ru

History (real)
   RDL’s gaming history starts 24th of june 1999 when group of people which were fans of Battletech formed a unit to play Mechwarrior over the internet.
   Russian Death Legion (RDL) is the first russian unit to be registered in SL (StarLance) League in Mechwarrior III. At first RDL’s main game was Mechwarrior III, but later having a lot of new recruits with different interests RDL became a multi unit – that is unit that members had interests in BattleTech universe but in different games and activities.
   Later on RDL was registered in many leagues such as NBT-HardCore, Vengeance League, MWA (MechWarrior Arena) and MX (MechXtreme League). In all of those leagues RDL pilots where ranked high and earned respect from both enemies and friends.
   For more than 10 year Legion’s roster changed many times, but Legion’s pilots always were winners in all battles and challenges. Since 2010 Legion actively participates in MWLL based battles and new pilots already succeded in it.
   RDL has no headquarters in huge mansion with marbled hallways, glass doors and servants. RDL pilots are spread around Russia but that can’t be trouble to intercommunication, companionship and usage of battle tactics as one unit.
   Fellow RDL pilots are always online and ready to help and provide advice. Legion lives by the law of honour and mutual aid. All for one and one for all.

History (RPG by Battletech)
   The birthplace for RDL is Luthien, birthtime – the apogee of battle against Smoke Jaguars and Nova Cats. To prevent advancement of clans to Luthien capital, planetary command threw several regiments into a “meat grinder”.
   Clans incursion was stopped but not for long. There were only 5 men left out of those regiments behind the clan’s lines. They soon realised the they are thought dead and there’s no hope for help. The good point was that Clans were sure they’re perished also.
   5 pilots out of different regiments had hard time surviving, lacking of ammunition and supplies, risking of detection and imminent annihilation taught them to forget any discordances between their home worlds and factions.
   At the end of the battle for Luthien they became efficient unit which had put a lot in Clan’s defeat, unfortunately that was not documented in any official cronicles.
   When the Clans were thrown out they had a decision to make – that was “what should we do now?”, keeping in mind that Coordinator never liked mercenaries even if they had fought alongside Kurita troops against Clans, 5 pilots had no illusions about their “resurrection”.
   It’s hard to guess who first thought about establishing their own new mercenary company, but those 5 (men) became first 5 pilots of Russian Death Legion.

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